Conflict Form

Use the form below if your student will be missing a practice or performance. This must be filled out TWO WEEKS prior to the conflict. Please inform directors after you have filled out the form. 

Letter to Employers

Use this letter to present to employers to avoid potentional work conflicts. For a more detailed list of events, please speak with the directors.

Letter to Employer

Activities Participation Forms*

*Required for participation in ANY band activity!  Please get these turned in as soon as you can!
SFSD Forms Needed for Participation in High School Athletics 2021-22.pdf

Parent Transportation 

Release Form

Required if your student will not be traveling with the band from an event
SFSD Parent Transportation Release Form 2022-2023.pdf

Marching Band Contract (2023)

Students must have this form completed and turned in by the end of the first week of band camp
RHS Marching Band Contract

Instrument Verification Form

Students must submit one form for each instrument they use in band; please ask Mr. Mahowald for help finding any of the required information
RHS Instrument Verification Form.pdf

School Instrument 

Checkout Form

Students must submit one form and pay the $70 usage fee for each instrument they borrow from the school
SFSD Instrument Check-out Form (English & Spanish).pdf

Needs-Based Scholarship

Families will fill out this form and submit directly to the head director.

Marching Band - Need Based Scholarship Application

How to use these forms online:

* All of these forms are also available as printed copies in the band room; they are provided online here only as a convenience.