All-State Opportunities

There are many opportunities for students to audition for All-State groups. All-State ensembles are a wonderful opportunity for advanced students to challenge their musical skills and perform with the top student-musicians in the state. Students interested in trying out for All-State ensembles must be ready to dedicate a large amount of time to practicing for their audition. 

High school students can try out for All-State Orchestra, All-State Band, and All-State Jazz Band. High school all-state auditions are judged live, with the exception of Jazz Band. All-State Orchestra auditions are in the fall and perform a concert the last weekend in October in conjunction with All-State Chorus. All-State Band auditions are in late January and perform in March. All-State Jazz Band auditions are recorded and due in early April, and takes place in early May. 

All State Band

All-State Band is an auditioned group consisting of students from around the entire state of South Dakota. Students in this ensemble perform in one of two bands, the Lewis band or the Clark band. Repetoire is selected by the guest conductors and practiced over the course of a two-day time span. 

This year, the all-state band performance is March 23rd, 2024 in Pierre, South Dakota

For more information regarding the event or tickets, please visit their website.

All-State Jazz Band

All-State Jazz is an auditioned group that the consists of jazz musicians throughout the state of Souta Dakota. Typical instrumentation inclues, saxophones, trombones, trumpets, drumset, piano, guitar and bass guitar. The student will record their audition consisting of etudes and optional improvisation solos to be sent to a judge. If selected, they will participate in a three day event with a concert to follow. Selections are chosen by the guest director. This year the All-State Jazz performance is May 4th in Aberdeen, South Dakota. 

If you would like further information about the event, please visit the SDHSAA website.

All-State Orchestra

All-State is an auditioned group that the students prepare for outside of the school day. The students then travel to Huron to audition in front of a judge. If selected, they participate in a two day event with a concert at the end of the night. More information can be found in this link. This year the All-State Orchestra performance is October 28th in Rapid City, South Dakota.  

Augustana Band Festival

This honor band is a non-auditioned group in which the students first nominate themselves, then will be nominated again by directors. Once selected by the festival, students are placed in one of four performing ensembles, Gold Band, Blue Band, Viking Band and Honor Band. This year the concert is November 11th, held in the Mary Sommervold Hall at the Washington Pavilion. 

Further information is on the Augustana website

USD Honor Band

The Annual Quad State Honor Band Festival brings together the finest high school musicians from the quad state region. Students selected to participate will have the opportunity to work with USD Director of Athletic Bands, Dr. Todd Cranson, and USD Director of Orchestral Studies, Dr. Luis Viquez. Additionally, ALL students will have the opportunity to work with guest composer/conductor Andres Soto and perform world premieres of pieces written by Soto for the Festival!

In addition to full-ensemble rehearsals, students will have master classes with the USD Department of Music applied faculty and enjoy a performance by the USD Symphonic Band. The festival concludes Saturday afternoon with a finale concert featuring both honor ensembles in Aalfs Auditorium.

The Quad State Honor Band Festival will take place Friday & Saturday, February 2 & 3, 2024 on the USD Campus. Deadline to submit recoded applications will be released shortly. 

For more information, please visit the USD website.

SDSU Honor Band

High school students from throughout the region (South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa and North Dakota) apply to participate in this Honor Band Festival, to be held on February 23-34, 2024. The SDSU Honor Band Festival is designed to be an exceptional honor band experience for talented students and is sure to be a memorable time for all those involved!

Students who play the following instruments are invited to apply: piccolo, flute, oboe, bassoon, B-flat clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, French horn, trumpet, tenor trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, tuba, string bass and percussion (mallet, battery/auxiliary and timpani). String bass and piano auditions will also be considered, depending on repertoire selected by the conductors.

For more information, please visit this website.